hey guys i am really getting in to blues music and i was wondering if you could suggest any good ones. the type of blues music i like is the type of stuff that eric clapton plays
ooh i got a great one
he supported Eric Clapton on his aussie tour
called Derik Trucks (not sure how its spelt) but hes good
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Rory Gallagher and Kenny Wayne Shepard.
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not exactly like Clapton, but have a listen to Stevie ray Vaughan mate. truly one of the best guitar players that was out there. also Gary Moore "still got the blues" you might enjoy, I find you ethier love it or hate it.
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If you like Clapton, you might want to take a look at Buddy Guy. He was Clapton's primary influence. He's also arguably the best living blues performer. His voice and his chops absolutely put Clapton to shame (Clapton's still got feel though)!

You can find alot on on youtube these days:



T-Bone Walker:


And ABB cover of the same song with Derek Trucks (obviously not the original ABB version but it's the only one on youtube):

And for some good old Delta stuff, I present Big Bill Broonzy:


And of course, if you like showy guitar work you can always look into SRV, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, and as I already mentioned, Buddy Guy. Out of those I think Buddy pulls through as the most bluesy and most authentic, but they are all very good.
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You made this thread in the blues and jazz forum and it got closed for a reason. Don't start another one.

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i like the blues brothers.
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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Rory Gallagher, John Mayall, Early 60's stuff, took the Aerican black music, and sold it back to the Americans again!

There are many blues artists, but rory Gallagher to me probably encapsulates the Blues the best by using Jazz and Rock influences to make it more managable for the average listner to enjoy.

youtube him
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