Lately (for the last 2 years) i just find it hard to do anything - i find it hard to get out of bed, to get motivated about literally anything! Does anyone feel the same? Does anyone have any tips on how to get motivated? It is turning into a problem as my grades have started to plummit and i would appreciate any advice!!
What do you eant to accomplish in life?

EDIT: I guess I aim to accomplish proper spelling.
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I'm the same, so I can't offer any advice.
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start jogging, exercising, beef up some life into you, it helps
try getting a new hobby or something
or do some extreme sports..
you need a dream that you can make happen.

Even with a dream, when it doesn't pan out you'll still be depressed as hell, but if you find something you enjoy, then stick at it.
Get a good diet. I dont mean to sound like a personal trainer but I think it will really help. Eat lots of meat for protein and stuff like that.

And yeah, get motivated, like a dream or just giveyourself a goal like to get good grades, or to help someone, or become the next Herman Li, or something like that.

And dont listen to your other friends if you know they are wrong. Friends can have a huge impression on you.