can sumone plz tab its correctli! the other tabs on her suck.. they all sound horrible..
not dissing the guys who tabbed coz i mi self cant tab stuff but cant someone realli sit down and get the correct stuff.. coz i luv this solo.. sounds AWSUM! but i cant play it..
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yeah easily, I took on one of my uncles who's suppose to be the strongest in the family and has the hottest wife. Tamed him like my bitch and then wacked off afterward thinking about his wife.

All in all, a very productive day.
Tab it yourself you lazy bum. It's not like it's van halen ffs.
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Dumbass that is a classical guitar, use nylon strings or the neck will crack... and not the kind you were smoking when you wrote this.
they're actually pretty good tabs
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I'm homeschooled because I got tired of the corporate conformist administration.

So I have a pretty crime free school, unless i decide to kill someone.

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