Until today, I had never heard of this guy. ever. Hes just unheard of in the UK.
My mate was looking at the top 100 guitar solos and he was at number 17 or something. amazing.
im not really making any point here.
isn't he FROM the UK???

also yeah cliffs of dover is a god song

but my mates who have closed minds when it comes to shredders say "thats the gayest thing i've ever heard"

pathetic but oh well
He's a living legend, he has an amazingly unique ear and a perfect tone, plus the g3 shows that featured hem were the best in my opinion. and hes not from the UK, hes from texas.
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yea he's from Texas. Good player. I'm not a big fan of shred, but I'll listen to his albums every now and then.
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yeah sorry texas and i knew that too dammit,
the reason i think his amazing is because of the different techniques he always applies to songs he goes seemlessly into hybrid picking, bends, harmonics, etc..

he didnt do cliffs of dover on the g3 dvd, i've got it somehwere but i havent watched it yet, i liked with yngwie, the guys hilarious
Well in my opinion Manhatan is he's best piece, and cliffs of dover a close second, but that's just my opinion :-)
EJ is incredible.
Check out his songs Righteous and SRV.
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Incredible guitarist if you ask me. Amazing tone and amazing music. Has anyone ever heard his cover of "Are You Expierienced"? He pulls it off perfectly, the backwards solo and all.
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