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how has internet changed the life of the human community
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Free Porn.

Seriously, though, I wrote a paper about this last year, so I don't really want to discuss it again.
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The internet is our life
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I wouldn't be doing this right now.

I wouldn't be listening to the music I am right now.
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I just read the opinions of three people in the UK, without leaving my room here in Australia.
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To me, it's a major time killer. It's brought me closer to the type of music I listen to now. It's kept me in touch with loads of friends.

However, I have lost many friends to MMORPG's, which really drained what should of been the prime time of my social life (13/14/15). Because of that, the internet knocked on for me to go into town with mates to meet new friends and to do new things and stuff.

On top of that, the internet kept me in touch with my current girlfriend after we first met. If we didn't keep in touch through the net first time we met, I could still be single.

A positive affect on me.

But, I know a friend who lost themselves to a game called Knight Online (free MMORPG). He has done blitz the entire weekend and skived the next day of school to catch up on sleep.

His brothers are working men, but they're exactly the same.

The internet is good, depending on it's uses.

It's also advanced stuff like communications, sales, science advancements, broadcasting advancments, etc.
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How has internet changed the lives of the human community

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I wouldn't be able to feed my family.

The Internet is like the US in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It's the new land of opportunity. Domain names are like real estate, with really good domains (like sports.com or beer.com etc.) being akin to owning a nice chunk of land in central Manhattan. Only it's better than that because even if you own real estate that isn't going to bring in a lot of people right away you can still turn it into something extremely valuable if it offers something new and useful. Think youtube, google, myspace, flickr, ebay etc. None of those domains are going to bring in immediate typein traffic but they all offered something of value and became some of the most valuable pieces of real-estate on the Internet.

If you've got an idea you can do anything on the Internet.
It's probably made for more unsociable world. People don't generally go out as much I guess. I'd also be a lot better at guitar I imagine :P Would actually buy music rather than just download it.

Also the amount of reviews and opinions online really helps when making decisions/buying stuff.

Also a great time killer

It's interesting, very educational.

It's also good for porn.
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Generally it caused an increase in information and much easier communication with people around the world, which both promote globalization.

It's been a growing process for a while now, people are getting more and more information. That basically started with the invention of the book printing techniques, but the internet has made information exponentially more available and there hasn't been such an explosive growth in the amount of information people can get in a long time.

One consequence of this is that the more information the people have access to, the harder it gets to fool them.
I recently watched a documentary about marijuana laws and how/why they were implemented. These laws are a result of a long series of campaigns that depicted pot smokers as criminals (not just nationally, but worldwide: America basically forced other countries through the UN to adopt this as an international law about 40-50 years ago).

The propaganda used back then wouldn't work nowadays. The most famous one being the "reefer madness" clip from the 1930s. They literally told people that weed turns you into a psychopathic murderer, and everybody believed it. The government told the public complete and utter lies, knowing that they'd get away with it because nobody knew any better.
This is also a reason why i don't believe a word the government says: there is irrefutable evidence that they have been lying to he population for years and years and pulling "facts" out of their asses for the simple fact that they could, what makes you think they ever stopped? Remember how they had evidence of WMD's in Iraq? Bogus information, pulled directly out of their asses, just like "reefer madness". But it's getting increasinly hard for them to keep it up.

A campaign like reefer madness could never work anymore. You can no longer state bogus facts and expect everybody to believe it, because they can just go online and look it up themselves. Even though there's also a lot of misinformation on the net, it keeps people questioning things that they previously accepted as the truth without thinking twice.
Inhumane torture like what goes on in Guantanamo Bay, wouldn't nearly get the same amount of criticism if it weren't for the internet.

So in terms of awareness, it's been a good thing.

There is a negative side about it though, and that is that it also increases globalization, and therefore conflict. It's a pretty well-known fact that certain cultures and/or religions don't combine very well. For centuries, people in different parts in the world have been able to ignore eachother's culture and religion for ages. With the internet, that's getting harder and harder, and that's threatening to some people. It's becoming nearly impossible to hide from American/Western culture and that's one of the major causes of anti-American sentiments (along with the fact that they're arrogant, tell other countries what to do and start one war per decade on average). Not because they "hate our freedom"... the people who actually believe that nonsense obviously haven't been putting their internet connection to use very much...
the internet DESTROYED my life, it ATE all my "real life friends" and spat the remains back at me in the form of digital photographs of people i USED to "go outside" with.. the internet is a social-life MURDERER.

i'm only joking, internet, you know how much i love you. <3
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My musical horizons would never have become what they are; More people would surely be outside; It's a very cheap way of buying, selling, and communicating over vast distances.
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Taking the life i had and blowing it to pieces.

wow, the 'net has started using bigger weapons now? i feel ashamed. it only shot my life in the legs with a pistol.
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Man, I bet most people here can't even remember a time WITHOUT the internet. I remember when we first were introduced to it at school... Damn...
Yeah I'm 24 and I first "got online" around 10. It was around '92 and we bought a compaq with a 14k baud. Had AOL for a while but they charged per minute so when the first local ISP opened shop we switched. I remember when our local cable company finally started offering broadband in '98 or '99 ... the happiest day of my life *tear*.

So yeah even I can hardly remember a time without the Internet. It's not that old but it's growing up hella fast.

Of course in '92 it wasn't uncommon for a person to not even own a computer yet. Let alone one with internet connectivity. Most people who did own PC's did so for word processing and printing.
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Its taken up such a large portion of our lives by being able to instantly surround us with what we enjoy (guitars, fishing, car rebuilding, porn- whatever you're into). Its an addiction to a tool that can give us what we want when we want it.
Tons of forms of entertainment...music, movies, videos etc. Plus, the ability to file share with other people for free software and music. Not to mention, free porn.