Hopefully I'm posting it in the right forum this time.

I was initially going after a Mexican Fender Strat, but one retailer was offering a Ibanez SZ plus a 15w Peavey Amp for Aus$1000 (~US$800). He was selling it based on the quality of the build and versatility of the guitar, saying that if I'm going for a Fender, go for the proper US ones later down the track.

What I wanted to know is whether this guitar would be suited for rock/blues type of music that I'm more into (i.e. Clapton, Hendrix), but I dont mind err lighter mainstreamy rock such as Guns n Roses and Aerosmith. I've noticed that a lot of Ibanez guitarists are the more harder rock or heavy metal which I don't really care for. So I'm wondering whether this guitar would be suited to me. Being able to pull off a good acoustic sound would be an added bonus since I'm getting this to replace an old classic acoustic.

Any opinion on this? There are a fair amount of very favourable reviews of the SZ series, but the reviewers appear to favour heavier rock.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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id personally go for the strat, seems alot more suited to your music. Ive played one and found with the right amp you could get a bluesy sound to it although i think it definately favours more of harder rock sound.
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i have an ibanez, and i can get a shitload of sounds out of it, i play anything from hendrix to ozzy and right on to some accoustic shit. in fact last week my band and i played Highway to Hell, then went to Seagull by bad company right after. so i guess it all depends on the effects that ur using
Cheers, thanks for the opinions.

To be honest, I don't think I have a good enough ear to pick up the differences at the moment and what would suit what, which is why I need other people's opinions than my own. I did notice that the SZ did appear to have a warmer tone compared to the Strat. I would prefer it if my guitar could play a good clean tone. But yea, it's mainly so I don't have to buy another guitar down the track for music that suits my taste when I do get the better ear with practice.

Seems a bit harder to compare them as well, as not many retailers seem to stock Ibanez down under.
I own the SZ520FM model. It's rather Paulish in sound, but it feels a lot more comfortable.
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it really doesnt matter what brand a guitar is, and most of a metal tone would come from your amp or pedal board for all you pedal users, an SZ is actually a quite versitle insturment, all mahogany, 22 fret, ibz/duncan P/Us, i dont love them but for stock they dont sound horrible, i actually like the SZs
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I play a lot of RHCP on my SZ; I would prefer a strat for that particular sound, but when I want to switch to something heavier my SZ comes in quite nicely.
Thanks for the info and opinion guys, much appreciated.

The amp I'm getting is a 15W Peavey. Going by how I remember it looks, I think it's this one -
and I just checked, the guitar is SZ520 series and new, so ~$800 for both. That sound like a good deal? The amp appears to be getting mixed opinions so I'm wondering whether there's a better amp that he could do in that price range, though honestly I was only going for the Roland Micro Cube at first.

I have to admit the finish is quite nice and smooth, albeit I think the body looks a bit plain without the pickguard. Only issue I thought may come up would be sliding up and down the neck in hotter weather, since the finish seems to be a bit more sticky than say plain maple.

Bloody hard trying to decide what to get for a first (and maybe even last, as I'm only a casual player) guitar :P
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