Nirvana and Soundgarden...


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Is this just going to be talking about Nirvana, or is this for people to just talk about things they miss in the world?
I don't miss nirvana but thats my two sence. That might be because even though it was before my time i'm more of a hair metal and thrash metal fan (abit of an odd combination but oh well lol)

EDIT: Oh I get what you mean. I miss the feeling of not worrying about relationships

EDIT EDIT: Ok, somphing less personal lol. I miss old Sepultura
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I miss Smashing Pumpkins and RATM... which is why I love 2007.

I miss feeling loved every second of the day, even though there's one person who is reading this who KNOWS who she is who DOES make me feel loved.
I miss the GOOD Cartoon shows that used to be on Nickelodeon.
I miss Hip-Hop that had a message behind it.