This is probably my last thread about a new guitar before i head to the shop and try them all out. But, i just wanna hear your guys opions on the three i am thinking of and maybe leave a suggestion that i dont have up here. Thanks
By the way, i play classic rock
Ibanez RG2EX1


Epiphone LP 100


Jackson JS1 Dinky

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Budget? You can get better in that prive range, and if you save up a little more you can gert much better.
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the white ibanez looks really cool. the wizard II neck is very nice and with the fixed bridge you wont have any probs of your guitar getting out of tune. i dont know about the emg designed pups, though. but for the price i think its an awesome guitar.

dont know anything about the LP, but a friend of mine got the js1 and it sucks ass... goes out of tune and stuff, so Id go for the Ibanez.
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id go for the ibanez, although i dont think it will suit your style but ive never played just looking at the pickups im not sure if it would.
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Definatley the ibanez, it's got a contoured heel for amazing fret access, the wizard 2 neck is amazing, with the fixed bridge you won't have any tuning problems and it looks the most badass.

Plus, even though the pickups are probly pretty good. if you change them to some EMG's, duncan's or dimarzio's in the future you will have a gig worthy guitar

Infact, i'm going to recoment that guitar to one of my freinds
Les Pauls below standart are waste of money in my opinion...
Quote by x8blitzkid8x
the lp sucks.
it never ever stays in tune for more than 10 minutes.
the stock pickups are horrible.
but it looks nice?

I have one and that doesn't happen. The bridge pickup is great but the neck one could be better. Go masturbate with your Ibanez.

To the OP, if you're considering buying the black LP100, don't believe in pictures that show the PU rings and pickguard in white, it's cream.
You can do better in that price range. Ever think of a MIM Strat?
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I'd choose a Les Paul for that style of music, but that LP-100 is just atrocious.
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