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I used to hate chavs until my sister got a smack in the mouth from one. Now I love them.
Wow... that's insignificant...
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duarte, you're a jerk.

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Hmm...a fugly, bimbo, blonde, rich, boring, mooching, waste of blood and organs, d*ck munching, talentless, sponging c*nt in prison?

One down...
that sucks!!! i liked him, apparently he hung himself
I'm so sorry, excuse me for living,
I didn't know, didn't know your a psycho!
-Carolines Spine "Psycho"
I have never in my entire life been interested in wrestling.

Am I one of only a few...?

I am sure he was a very nice chap though.
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im sure the fakeness of wwe wrestling drove him to hang himself. shame.
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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the truth he speaks well, harken unto his word.
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Who? Tell me when Hulk Hogen dies, then I'll be sad.

Pfft at least spell it right.

Hulk Hogan, the ballerina
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If I had to wear nothing but tiny pants while rolling around with fat sweaty men every night, and was made to go under a name THAT lame, I would probably do the same.