Okay, I am very much of a n00b when it comes to what amps, pedals, or whatever go best with your guitar. I was just wondering, what would be a good amp for someone with a Gibson SG that plays mostly classic rock, and metal? One thats medium to large size no higher than 600$

Sorry, for having to turn to UG, but its 5:00 AM. TY in advance.
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search your favourite guitarist on wikipedia.com and it will give you their list of equipement including their amplifiers.my own suggestion would be maybe a marshall AVT 100 or something like that i hear its a good amp and it fits your criteria
Have a look at the Roland Cube 30W or 60W, should suit your style perfectly.
Although this would max out your budget, Fender Hot Rod or Deville Combo amp. Definately something that is all tube.

I've recently been jamming with the Hot Rod cause my my half-stack was too big to bring. Though I usually hate Fender amps for playing heavy metal, I was surprised with the results. It's not 2 small, not 2 big, and is VERY loud. Loud enough to play Raining Blood, Crystal Mountain, and Black Dog competing against my friends Rivera half-stack and a miked drumset. My buddy's PRS and my Ibanez S and Gibson Explorer all sounded great with it. Sound is much better then the Marshall JCM 900 in the studio and 10x better then my marshall Valvestate that's collected dust for 6yrs.

The hot-rod is definately on my wishlist. It's the type of amp that can take you from just jamming at home to playing with half-stack setups live. Definately try it out and don't be afraid to crank it up in the music store. You're Gibson (not epiphone right?) deserves an all-tube amp that can crank out more then 100w. LOL never though I'd be pushing Fender gear!
i would recomend a Crate GX-1200H 4x12 very loud and has nice shape..i think i got mine around $600 might have been on sale tho