I have this book which says that the V chord is a dominant 7th. Whereas a lot of places refer to V as a regular Major chord.

Also in a Jamey Aebersold he refers a triangle to MAJOR chord and '-' as minor.

Can someone clarify these as its cause major confusion in my fundamentals....
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The triad of the dominant degree is a major triad, but extended to include the seventh becomes a dominant 7th chord. For example, the V triad in C major is G - B - D, a Gmaj triad - but extended to the 7th becomes G - B - D - F, a G7.

Also, that triangle (Δ refers to a major seventh chord, CΔ would be Cmaj7, AΔ would be Amaj7, FΔ#11 would be Fmaj7#11 - and yes the - does refer to a minor chord, C-7 would be Cm7, A-7b9 would be Am7b9 and so forth.