How do you get that radio/transmission sound for vocals?

Almost like the Raconteurs/White Stripes/Jack White distorted vocal sound.

Or how about that Deftones 'My Own Summer'-y sound?

There's part of a song which I just want a little bit like that in.

I've played about with EQ and I'm not getting it.

Any suggestions as to how to get/imitate it?

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Get a parametric-style EQ and apply a low cut to anything under 300-400Hz. Cut the highs at about 3kHz and bring up the mids, right around 1 kHz or so, so that you get a slightly distorted out signal. Then add some heavy compression and you're home.
the easiest way would be to just use vocal processors such as from alesis/lexicon/digitech. I've known some singers who've used guitar effects pedals successfully(fuzz and comp pedals) but don't see it being practical. Actually, using a megaphone, open coil guitar pickup, or £10 mic is a cheap if not sloppy way to achieve some of these sounds.