This is a long shot, but on my 6 year old PC the software that came with the creative sound card changed the start up sound to a long thunder sound.

I want that sound. Anyone have it? I'm hoping the newer creative sound card software might do the same as they did.

I need that thunder sound because it was so prolonged and rolled on for ages. Can't seem to find one as good as that.
Mh.....have you tried google, i found once a page where you could download those sounds.
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i feel sorry for you, your so needy. why cant you be happy with what you have, and not what you could have.

now if you excuse me im going to go google name brand off brand guitars and wish i had them.
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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Long shot, if you had the CD you could find it on that

i couldn't find it online
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I think that used to do that in my old windows 95 PC.

I found it annoying more than anything...