I have many many questions since I talked to this guy at my local guitar center...

I was going to buy the SD-1 (which was priced on their site as $39.99 but they were selling it for $69!) and right as I whipped out the cash he said "We're all out of stock".

So this fag tries to sneak me an Overdrive/Distortion pedal (which, to some may sound like "ooh, two for the price of one".) but after a bad experience with my friend's pedal, I realized, it's not the same as a dedicated, pure, OVERDRIVE pedal.

So he takes $5 off and I have a 30 day satisfaction period, and if i don't like it I can return it.

However I have these questions:
1. Should I return it and buy the Super Overdrive?
2. He said Tube Screamers make an SS amp sound like a tube amp, is this true?
3. Should I return it and just save up for a tube screamer if that is the case?
4. Oh and also, he said they discontinued the OD-3 and replaced it with the SD-1... I don't think that's true though...

He seemed pretty new to the job but I think he was trying to get a sell.

Thanks if you reply.
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Well the part about the OD-3 is absolute bull anyway...not so sure about the rest tho
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A Tubescreamer will not make an SS amp sound like a tube. I say tell the guy to **** off next time your in the shop. Maybe just not do business.
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tubescreamer make an ss sound like a tube amp? Tell him to hand over a tube screamer and plug into a good ol' complete solid state practice amp. Then make him put the amp up to his ear, and play the most annoying song you can think of, because the amp will sound like a monkey getting his nuts chopped off. Then kill the guy
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Lol, Okay but, would the SD-1 or the OD-3 sound any better than the OD/DS would on my amp?

P.S.: This summer I have like a 89% chance of buying the Fender Blues Junior so I will have tube tone + boss dd-3 + whatever i decide to keep (out of the OD-3/SD-1/OS-2)
I have a line 6 Spider II (don't flame me please, I have a $150 bucks, I'd been playing guitar for about 3 months, and I hadn't read up on tube amps yet...)

Anyway, Like i edited in my last post, this summer i'm likely to buy the Fender Blues Junior, so anything that will sound good on there...

I play Interpol... who nobody's heard of, they use crunchy gain on their Fender Twin Reverb Amps, (a rat pedal, I believe) to achieve a loud, overdriven sound while maintaining the shape of their chords.
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If you are going to get a new amp later on, why not save your 150 and stick with the spider for a few months more? Blues juniors are about 400, so then you would have 550. Then you could get a B52 or some other nice tube amp. I wouldn't get the blues junior unless your sole intent with it was to record with it. It certainly wouldn't gig unless mic'd.
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Not that I'm going to gig or anything, But I heard a 15w tube amp is a hell of a lot louder than some would think... although most people say playing loud, rather than mic-ing an amp is bad for the overall sound of the band.

I'm just looking for a very very clean amp, that can also sound good overdriven or distorted, and also has a bit of a "kick" to it (The Fender Blues Junior has a fat switch, AKA gain).

Thanks for the help. :-)
15 watts tube MAY be enough for band PRACTICE but as for gigging, I would get at least 30 watts of tube. a 2x12 combo will give you lots of headroom. The blues junior will distort at higher volumes on the clean channel...its what it is made for...kinda.
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