i got me playing the solo....tryed to tape the rest of the song but we never had enough room left in the camera...take a look and feel free to comment and rate it...thanks
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i forget my youtube password so ill comment here, 3 things, 1. good job, sounds good. 2. turn your amp up 3. get a new bass player, that one sucks
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its a little bit sloppy.. practice a little more and youll get it.. also the tone is a little too thin for me.. and i didnt like the bass player..



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everybody that watches the video says the basist sucks...but hes the one with the house that we practise in so we cant fire him....i also have no idea how to use more tone, if anyone could tell me then thanks
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this is very good yeah so u forgot the first couple notes in the beginning big deal the solo and the tone of your guitar made it a distant memory
but ive got one question? how did u not kno the song is tuned a half step down?