Hey guys.
So I've contacted Long & McQuade near my town to see some guitars that I was looking for was in stock and surprisingly none of the 3 guitars were in stock.
Instead of asking them each and everything stock, I'm ganna go there and check them out.

I'm going to bring a big "qualified list" of guitars that are decent.

My style/genre of play is Rock / Progressive / Experimental and a little bit of Metal and Classic Rock.
So basically I'm looking for a versatile guitar.
My budget is anything up to $600 Maximum.

Heres a list that I came up with, feel free to add or eliminate from the list.
Please make a short comment on why add/elim such as (elim rg350, trem is really bad)

Ibanez S520EX
Ibanez SA120
Ibanez SAS36FMTG

Ibanez RG321MH
Ibanez RG4EXQM1

Ibanez 2005 S470DXQM

[x] [Elimed] ESP MH-250 with Tremolo

Fender Standard FR Stratocaster (HSS)
Fender FSR Standard Strat (HSS)
Fender Standard Stratocaster (SSS)

Jackson DK2M Dinky
Jackson MG Series DXMG Dinky
Jackson DXMG

[x] [Elimed] Epiphone G-400 SG
[x] [Elimed] Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Thanks alot guys
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Eliminate the ESP the tremolo is not really gud and if i am not mistaken it has an agathis body
If u are goin with ESP LTD's try to get the 400 or above series
eliminate the epiphones. i guese it comes down to personel preference but they suck!(in my opinion)
also the lisenced floyd roses on jacksons are shit. they go out of tune all the time
I second the ditching the Epiphones. I started out w/ an Epiphone SG, great feeling guitar but the pickups were crap. Think "high-pitched, ear grating non-musical noise" coming from them when you play. I ended up trading it in for a Gibson SG, which is awesome.
Thanks guys,
Hey Joe, are the trems on Jackson really bad?
Is it as bad as the Edge Pro II/III on rg350/370s?
And if so why does these Jackson cost so much? $500-600

Id say go with Jackson DXMG. If you can throw down another hundred, get the DKMG, one of the best guitars ever. I'd say get rid of the strats and the Ibanez RG. Strats are so plain and their sound is so generic. Everybody has them. I think they suck. The RG just isnt too great of a guitar my buddy plays one and he hates it. I play a Jackson RR3 and its the best guitar Ive had. If I also might make another suggestion, try a Gibson Faded Flying V, and only the Flying V's for faded. The rest are horrible. The only difference with it and a regular flying v is that its got a lesser finish. Great guitar and only about $600. Id go with that.
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i wud take the strat(hss). tested it today, played very well. and the humbucker is suited to ur needs IMO.