My friend brought in list today of who is playing at oxegen this year. Of the ones i can remember:

Radiohead - headliner
The killers
KT Tunstall
The fratellis
Snow patrol - headliner
Baby Shambles
Bloc Party
Fall out boy

Im not sure of any others.
Sounds pretty shitty, IMO.
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radiohead and muse would be good. not interested in the others though.
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Snow Patrol piss me off. I can't remember a more boring band to come out in recent years.

Is this a Uk thing?
Poor advice.
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Sounds pretty shitty, IMO.

lol im not going i thought i would share the knowledge.

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Snow Patrol piss me off. I can't remember a more boring band to come out in recent years.

Is this a Uk thing?

its in ireland
Hmmm... and how did ur friend get this info?
The only band that would get me goin is rage!!
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Hmmm... and how did ur friend get this info?
The only band that would get me goin is rage!!

to be honest i dont have a clue. He just came in and said these are the bands which are playing, he must have got them somewhere off the internet or newspaper or tv or something.

The chances of rage playing are very slim. Come do you really think they would fit in with the other bands lol.

Only reason i was interested because it was rumoured pearl jam were ment to be playing.
Will deffinetly suck
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2007 Line-up


The main acts that will play the festival:

Saturday 7th July

Main Stage

Snow Patrol

Day unknown

Main Stage

Arcade Fire
Bloc Party
Cansei de Ser Sexy
Amy Winehouse
Kings of Leon
Daft Punk
Tori Amos
Shane O' Hagan

from wikipedia..
Impending announcement
The line-up will be announced in late February. It may be affected by the scheduling of the recently announced Live Earth concerts which are due to occur around the world on the same day as the Saturday of Oxegen 2007.

On February 15, the official Oxegen website's home page disappeared to be replaced with a message that said: "Stand by for Oxegen 2007 news...". This could indicate the imminent confirmation of the line-up by the organisers. At approximately 11:10 p.m. on February 18, Cormac Battle announced on The Wireless on RTÉ 2fm that on February 22, Larry Gogan would have "a very special announcement with regards to Oxegen on his show".

In the early hours of February 21 2007, the official Oxegen website displayed a news flash, but this has now been switched back to the previous standby mode. Down the side of the screen were listed the following acts: Kasabian, Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and Eminem.[9]

If previous years are anything to go by the festival will share many of its bands with T in the Park. The Blizzards have also said that they would like to reappear. The Killers are also widely expected to one of the days of the festival according to efestivals.[10] Radiohead who were rumored to be playing one of the days of the festival are definitely not playing this years festival according to an Evening Herald exclusive. Also speculation is not as high anymore that Arctic Monkeys will play Oxegen for a second time, to mark the release of their sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare, after the revelation that they will be playing in Ireland at Malahide Castle in June. With Oxegen being known to host one big rap star every year, Dr. Dre is being hotly tipped to appear to promote his D-tox album. Other possible acts are Arcade Fire, Babyshambles, Ash, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, The View, The Fratellis. Mika, Simple Kid, Royseven, The Killers, Lily Allen, Razorlight and Scissor Sisters
Worthwhile bands:
Bloc Party
Arcade Fire

Not really in to any of the others...