i would like to know if my Fender FM212R can have a cable run to a 4x12 speaker cabinet, like a marshall mg100. there are jacks for: pre-out, foot switch, and pwr in. if those don't work then is there any other way for me to get that to happen?

i have a good guitar, and good effects. i just got this amp, but it's definitely an intermediate amp, an in-betweener. i realized that its not gonna be a gigging amp forever. good for home and/or practice, but sooner or later i will need to step up for gigging. i was thinking buy a cab, and later on buy a head. i just want to know if a cab can work with my FM212R for now.

yes it would work, but there is pretty much no point. its still going to be the same loudness, just a hassle to set up. if you really needed four speakers you should have got the fm212r head or whatever and the 4x12 cab, but that has the same power as your combo

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yeah, im in the same boat you are. i asked the same question on this same website about my crate. if it has a speaker jack then it should work.