Hi, I recently bought a 2x12 to put on top(or bottom) of my 4x12 Mesa Boogie cabinet

Call me a newbie, but how do you plug them in, to conenct them? Is there any specific jack, I dont know anything about ohms or variances or whatever.

Also, should 2x12 go on top or bottom?

Please PM me with HELPFUL advice, if you want to flame me, just do it here. Heh

Thanks so much

Just a little help? :[
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dual rec should have (2) 4ohm speaker output jacks on the back. The 4x12 has an 8ohm mono input, and the recto 2x12 should also have an 8ohm input. Plug one cabinet into one of the 4ohm jacks, and plug the other into the other 4ohm jack. The (2) 8ohm cabs in parallel, which is how the DR jacks are wired, will have a total impedance load of 4ohm at the head. It doesn't matter if you have one on top of the other, although I would probably put the 2x12 on top just for wieght concerns. And BTW, make sure you are using "speaker" cable, not regular instrument cable. Speaker cable is thicker guage wire and meant to carry the powered signal.
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