does music 123 delivers all around the world ?
Is it safe because ? i want to buy a cab and send i to another continent
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it will probably cost a lot in shipping, where are you shipping to and from?
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They do have their Shipping Policy on their website.

We ship virtually anywhere in the world using UPS International. While this is a more expensive method compared to US Postal Service, we feel that our customers deserve the high level of reliability, tracking, and service UPS provides. Some restrictions on shipping abroad are imposed by the certain manufacturers, for instance Yamaha products can only ship to addresses within the US. Please contact us for details. Orders to be shipped to APO and FPO addresses can only be delivered by the US Postal Service. A few oversized items we sell can not be delivered to APO and FPO addresses because of US Postal Service size restrictions.

Our Worldwide Shipping option includes brokerage fees. However, please note that you are responsible for all customs and duty charges along with any "additional" brokerage that may apply for complex customs-clearance procedures.

Canada Ground service does not include brokerage fees. You are responsible for all brokerage, customs and duty charges associated with the shipment.
music123 is the WORST company i have ever delt with. everything i have gotten from them broke within days of use. they are also not too willing to replace or appologise for their poor quality equpment. dont use them!
what should i use then ? (musicians friend doesn't work)
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try zzounds or samash, i don't know the shipping policies for either to other countries, but they're the same type of sites as musicians friend and music 123.
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