im learning how to be a producer and i just wanted to know what chords do hip hop/rap use? And can someone give me the chord formulas for a minor chord progression and a minor 7th progression?
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^this depends on the rap/hip hop style. dre uses lots of classical type major/minor stuff with the occasional 7th and sus chords thrown in. different producers use different styles. i've heard lots of rap that is really 7th heavy so to speak in that there is a lot of use of 7ths in a blues/jazz type sense. it just depends on the sound you want. i would say all in all there is a wide variety and to just go with what will sound good for the piece. remember rap is generally about under production (no shot against rappers/producers, its just true is all) the average rap song is a beat that will change slightly with a chord progression / melody that will have additional instruments come and go underneath the melody and the additional instruments generally signify the changing from verse to chorus.
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what chords do hip hop/rap use?

that's like asking "How long is a piece of string?".
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if i wanted to write a chord prgression in a jazzy/hip hop style what formula would i use? ex. cmaj dmin emin fmaj..... and so on.
^ um whatever you wanted, really the only difference between hip hop and other styles of music used is in the inflection of the notes.
Rap is ALL about production

Not my area of expertise though, I can't really help you.
^ aside from some sound effects here or there and a reptitive beat and melody how do you figure its ALL about production? to some degree this is accurate, but to be more accurate its all about under production, these rappers don't generally go for an over the top epic piece that changes key 7 times has 6 bridges and 4 solos.... a song that does all THAT is about production.
^ production is also about the shape and structure of the song (aside from things like "ooh a timpani would sound good here and a mandolin would sound good here")