as the title says, i want to learn some easy but still fun and exciting blues licks. ive been playing guitar for about 8 months and have been primarily working on classic rock stuff, i.e floyd, zeppelin, hendrix, beatles, that sort of stuff. im asking for something someone of my short playing time can handle. thanks all.
well voodoo child by jimi hendrix is pretty fun to learn, layla acoustic by clapton is also fun...wish you were here and comfortably numb are fun to learn by floyd

also check out some srv
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BB King. BB King tunes are quite easy to play since he's got a slow hand. He's not really fast (in fact, not at all) like Stevie Ray or the others. The only real problem with playing in the style of BB King, is that you need to have a tone like him, which is hard to accomplish (else you can't achieve playing in his style) and you need to work a shitload on vibrato.

Fast tunes might be difficult for you.
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I would recommend ROBBEn Ford,hes one of the best out there EVER and i was privileged to see him play live in NYC 2x,phenomenal!,chk his website www.robben ford.com for concert dates/bio/songs,if like many you never heard of him YOU NEED TO START LISTENING,hes primarily blues with strong jazz influences;hes the master in my opinion,no one touches his phrasing,timing and guitar virtuosity.
i assume that you are fully aware of the minor pentatonic (blues) scale? learn that, in say the key of A and all of the various runs on the neck in that key, that will be a great start to blues licks. once you have mastered that key, move on to others.
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check out kenny wayne shepherd...electric blues but def..minor pent scale...as said before..learn the scale...and listen to as much blues as possible...i use the blues channel on cable tv..record the ones i like then work on copying the licks...also check out the many blues licks cds out there(this one will cost youbut the tv idea wont)
hehe funny, both robben ford and kenny wayne shepherd held guitar clinics at my school a few weeks ago.
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UG has a great "blues tutorial" sort of video. It's got a few licks (which are very easy) and a pretty good backing track.

Have a LOOK.
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