i have a 4 yr old boy, i was wondering whats to young to start playing guitar, he loves music but im not sure if hes old enough and do they make childrens guitars
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Yes they make children's guitars, my sister has one, but it is a piece of crap, but if you feel he is to young to play then that's your decision.
Kids don't care about tone. You can buy them a crap guitar, just make sure it's a real instrument and not a toy. Try a ukulele.

A child is old enough to play once they can get their hands 'round the neck.
I would go with a junior classical guitar because the nylons easier on his fingers and if he wants one get him one but don't push him in to it

just tune it and let him play with it.
You could get your son a baby taylor or one of those tiny martins for starters. I wish my parents would have gotten me started on theory and stuff when I was young...your kid could be a virtuoso or something...
I picked up a small kids guitar for my daughter when she was 4, its a good idea really.
when i got it i stressed to her that it wasn't a toy, she could pick it up and strum it anytime but to put it back and take care of it, She's almost 6 now and still has her guitar. I wouldnt try teaching chords or anything, that would be to frustrating for both of you.

So far though, she knows how to put the strap around her, hold the guitar, use a pick and how to take care of it (and other important things like her telescope).
very good for teaching responsability and such imo.
They have some on ebay for pretty cheap, if not, most local music stores have at least one.
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i don't think that kids can be too young to play but i can imagine a young kid with developing hands and stuff may find it difficult to meet the level of dexterity and stuff required for the guitar.

why not start him on the piano so he can learn some theory and stuff aswell as it being easier for him to grasp the concept. then by all means get him a half-size guitar and let him loose. imo i think that might be more helpful for a kid.
would you go electric or acoustic im assuming the martins and taylors are acoustic, he seems to like the sound of my acoustic better, but then again i tend to play the electric to loud and i always will
ibanez rocks
I bet he isn't a hax0r.
i see no problem getting your child a guitar
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Start him now, from experience my brother teacher started at 3. Make him do grades, so he learns theory. 4 is a good age, get him a half sized guitar. Maybe start him off with an acoustic.
I'd get him a half sized acoustic. It might be kinda tough for a 4 yr old to understand theory, but if he learns maybe a few simple songs or chords it'll be fun for him. I probably wouldn't start with lessons until he's maybe a couple years older, unless you're gonna be teaching him. Also, young kids get bored with stuff pretty easily, so I wouldn't FORCE him to practice all the time. Just make sure he's having fun so that he won't get burned out on playing. Good luck buddy.

EDIT: Whoever said nylon strings had a good idea. My first guitar was a small acoustic and had nylon strings. I loved that guitar.
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its never too young. i know a kid who started at 5 and he's one of the most amazing guitarists i've ever heard
i think under 10/11 years is to young because they lack focus, cant be botherd to practise and don't underrstand - theres alot of thinking involved in guitar to get all the timings right etc

i know a guy whos been playing for like 5 years(his 14 now) and ive bee playing for 2 years (also 14) and im way better.
I think having a father as a musician is also one of the most inspiring things for a child

I just wish I would've realised acoustic is just like electric for 10 years of my life lmao
been playing for about 4.

and when I was younger I always played around with my dads full size alvarez (which is still huge to me [at 6"1'])

and he was amazing at fingerpicking so i used to watch him play a lot and that got me interested, we eventually got a squier pack when i was about 10 to see if I had any interest in it, I did and 4 years later I still do

So yeah, I say get him a guitar, i've seen 3/4th sized ibanez's but those can be a little pricey, a half size acoustic shouldnt be that hard to find or very expensive
He might love music, just dont force him to do anything he doesn't want to do. You can buy a guitar and let him know its there for him to use any time he wants, just dont make him play it if he doesn't want to.
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I've heard many people (mostly teachers) say that you should wait till the kid turns 10 or 11 because before then they won't have as good of an attention span. But what about all the kids that start playing violin at the age of 2.5?

If we started kids on guitar that young, we'd have a whole generation of great players...

Maybe the thing is that parents who want their kids to play violin are hard asses, and those who want them to play guitar are too chill to make them practice?

[/discussion with myself]
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