So I reently started playing guitar, still on a crappy 40$ guitar I borrowed from a friend playing through a Hughes&Kettner Tour Reverb borrowed from another friend I am saving up money to buy myself a MIJ Jaguar (no comments on that, already decided ). In several reviews I read a Peavey bandit 112 is a pretty good amp for it's price. Wonder how you guys think about it. I mainly play things like Nirvana, Placebo, Bloc Party and more indie/alternative bands, but also want to be able to get a heavier sound out of it and kind of bluesy tones for occasional jams
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I tried it today. The cleans were quite okay, but the lead channel sounded somewhat...dead. =(
I have to say... my guitar that you're borrowing was definately more than 40$, i mean it was 40 euros at least >.>