Ok I've been recording through my goodmans dual cassete deck with one microphone for just acoustic. But now I wanna buy a mixer with 4 inputs but I dunno if it will work can anyone help. It has line inputs saying rec in, and one saying playout and on both of them they have 1 red input and 1 white. I also have an amp connected to it with some inputs saying tape/adapt and it says rec out/out and playback, they also have 1 red input and 1 white input each. And also at the front of the dual cassete theres a mic input.Please someone I need to know if I can connect a mixer anywhere on those 2 things for recording and if so where do I connect them, help would be much appreciated..
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if your amp has a line out then you shouldnt need a mixer. if you have the right lead then you can just out it straight into the mic input on the tape deck.
if your stereo inputs(red and white) are 1/4 inch(like a guitar cable) you should have no problems hookin' a mixer in.

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Thanks alot but to kryptnet What do I hook the mixer upto the amp or the tape deck???And to baarmy I need a mixer so I can record around 3 to 4 guitars at the same time will it work if I hook up a mixer??
People still use cassettes?
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if you want to record multiple guitar tracks by yourself *as in over-dubbing* you will need a multiple track recorder. Mixers are good to say, record an entire band or a drumset live but in the end, as long as you are going into a regular tape deck, you can only record one track at a time. There's a lot of cheap recording gear(w/ built-in mixer) for actually about the same price of a stand-alone mixer! Hope this helps.