In the Majority of UG i hear people going "FALLOUTBOYS SUCKS!" and "GREENDAY SUCKS ASS!" and others " ZOMG FALLOUTBOY MAKE ME BABIES!" and "OMFG GREENDAY J00 ROXXORS!"

I am on the fence on these two bands, to clear things up, I respect them in a manner and I do like certain Greenday and FOB songs..

So heres my question, Applied that there are many love or hate bands, What bands do you think lies on the fence on the majoritys favours?

Or are these kinda bands a myth?
No rly?

Ya rly.
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I dunno... Opeth? that seems to be a band everyone likes!
There's even Metallica, Jimi Hendrix...

and greenday>fall out boy> blink-182
and greenday sucks hard!
Ya some guy made a poll like FALL OUT BOY IS TEH WORSTZZZ EVERZzz yes no?? i said no becuase they arent the worst and then he made a thread naming all the people who choose no saying they liked FOB and he put me on there but he got banned. I think thats who inspierd this thread

Im kind of border line with Trivium I like em But The Anthem is just so gay I wasted 9.3MB dowloading that song. but I give em a cookie for trying, but then again maybe they souldent try nemore....
Probably Maiden?
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