so this first song id like some to try and tab is "Pretty Little Thing" by Fink. Im pretty sure its capoed on the 2nd fret and here is the link for the video/song.

song #2 is "Do It Again" by Five Times August. Im 100% sure there is a capo on the 3rd fret. I couldnt find a good quality verion of the song on video or jsut a great quality verion of the song period, but click here for the video/song.

song #3 is "Love" by G. Love and Special Sauce. So chekc out the sample here . Its jsut 30 seconds of the song, but that 30 seconds is the whole dong. Im not sure if there is a capo involved or not, but i rember reading some where that the chords might be D - Am - C - G. Those chords sound right in a way, but its missing somthing. Id also like to have the tab if at all possible and all the ones ive found have been wrong.

Id greatly appreciate it if someone could tab these. each one seems to be pretty difficult, but also very repetative'; so it shouldnt be too much. thank you in advance.