Hey everyone.

I've got a bit of music here with a D7(alt) chord but I'm not sure which voicing to use. The preceding chord is an Am7(11) and the chord after the altered dominant is a Gmaj7.

The altered dominant is at the end of an 8 bar phrase in Eb major and is returning to the original major key of G.

The voicing I'm using for Am7(11) is


and for Gmaj7


For D7alt I've tried a m7b9 voicing and your standard m7b5 voicing but is there a standard vocing you should use for altered chords?

m7b9 and m7b5 are not altered dominant chords. D7alt refers to the chord built from the seventh mode of melodic minor which contains the notes 1 - 3 - b5 - #5 - b7 - b9 - #9, so your full chord would be D7(b5, #5, b9, #9) - but you don't have to use all of those alterations, the ones you use are your choice - for example, the voicing Nick_ gave only contains one alteration, D7b5 - with the sixth fret A string becomes D7(b5, b9).

Just to clear up what an altered dominant chord is - because you seemed to be confused as to what they are, after you said you tried a voicing of m7b9 and m7b5, which are not altered dominant chords.
Like what john said, anything with #5, b5, #9, or b9, as well as the basic dominant (1, 3, b7). Also, if you want to keep it simple, you CAN just leave it as the dominant structure with no alterations. Another thing is that anywhere you can use a b5, you can most likely use a #5 (unless it interferes with the melody), and same for the #/b 9's.

a voicing i may use is

e -----------
B 4---------6-
G 5-----or--5-
D 4---------4-
A 5---------5-
E -----------
   b9        #9

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I knew that they were built up off the Super Locrian mode, my understanding is that every possible alteration is present in the scale.

Because there's a m3 and a b5 and a b7 I thought a m7b5 was plausable, but of course I was thinking about the scale and completely forgot I was looking for a voicing for a dominant chord, a major 3rd and b7. I understand now about the other 4 alterations. Cheers for the voicing 6Dg, soon after posting I actually settled on the 7b9 chord. I'll find out the b5 and #5 voicings and see what I think.

Thanks for the help.