One of my cats recently decided that it was okay to start crapping in the house again. He and the other one are both outdoor cats, so they usually do their business outside. We're not sure exactly what happened to make him start pooping on our rugs again.

He makes a big deal when he's hungry or when he's thirsty, but when needs to relieve himself, rather than meow at the door to get outside like he used to, he'll now just sit underneath the end table and leave a little pile of turd that we need to clean up.

Any ideas about how to get him to stop?
Heard of pavlov's dogs? yell at the cat everytime he poops on the rug

ok no don't cats are cute, get a litter box
Erm...Try punishing him when he craps inside and praising him when he does outside, sounds simple and basic but it should work...it works on dogs.

And I don't know exactly what to do with punishing and praising, unless you wanna include violence and electricity.
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You can buy special sprays that remove the scent of the pheromones he left while crapping. This will confuse him and might just make him realise that he's not doing his buisness at the right place.

You can also put his litter box at that place, and move it gradually until the litter box is where it's supposed to be.

I beleive you can't just kick his ass when he poops. This doesnt work on cats and you might just kill him or he'll depress and cut his wrists.
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I used to have the roblem with my cat, only she pissed everywhere rather than poop. Just randomly started doing it. Chances are, there's another cat in the area that's making yors feel stressed and this is it's way of showing it. Try keeping your cat away from the windows, and if you have a cat flap lock it at night with yours still inside. If that doesn't help, you may need to resort to only letting your cat into one room of the house.
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ever heard of a litter box?

when i had a cat, it was both outdoor and indoor...if it came inside and had to do it's business, it went in the litter box. if it was outside then it did it out there.

not really a complicated solution.
this is groundbreaking.
this the first VALID discussion of feces in the pit, nevermind with serious responses?
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get a litter box and have your other cats use it. When a cat smells another cats piss, it uses that place as a bathroom.