i just fixed the tuning pegs on my guitar
and put strings on (my first time)
the b string keeps getting flat for some reason
its the only one giving me real trouble
why is this happening?
should i buy a new string?
Strings sometimes take a little while to "stretch" when you put them on. Just keep tuning up and it should begin to keep its tuning for longer
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What guitar is it?
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Whenever i restring my guitar, i always tune down a half step and stretch the hell out of the strings. For me this helps when i tune it back to standard because they are properly stretched and stay in tune.
your intonation could be off. It can be a bitch to fix if you dont have a precise tuner.
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i have a takamine eg561c
( 8) i love my guitar)
so maybe i just keep working with it?
since this was my first time stringing it
i really didnt wrap it many times on top.. like maybe one, twice max (not including rotation while tuning)
then i put it back through
was that not enough?
could that be the problem?
or do i just need to "break in" the string
breaking in the string is helpful

also, wen wrapping it round aim for at least 3 winds around the tuning ppost
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Theres certain ways you should wrap the plain strings (the thin silver ones) around the peg so they dont slip and come out of tune.

Just make sure the strings are wrapped around the peg at least twice, but not TOO much.
Yeah, if it goes out of tune keep tuning it, either it will

A) Stay in tune


B) Break

either way, problem solved
yea i broke it in
it stays in tune now
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