hey there, i recently bought a crate vtx65 amp for £229 and i have noticed a very loud fuzzing sound on the solo channel aswell as the rythm channel. i have both channels on ful gain, but is this normal? it would realy annoy me if i was playin live. should i take it back on the guarrante? am i doing something wrong?

are you sitting close to your TV or your computer? something that makes digital noise gets caught up in your pick-ups

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maybe it is all the distortion
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i've got the earlier model of it (XT65R). it just does that, throw on a noise gate and you should be good.
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it depends on the quality of your guitar/pups, amp, and the amount of electronic interference. Thr grounding on your guitar could suck as well, but its prolly just that you have the gain maxed.
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i used that amp in the store the other using a Prestige Ibanez and IT DID THE EXACT SAME THING!!!!....I asked the sales guy whats the deal with that??...and he said it doesn't matter good the guitar is....its due to all the gain being pumped through the speaker.....dude if i fly landed on your string it would probably pick that up no problem....its just the nature of that amp......so its the amp making that noise....i do suggest a noise gate