Ok, so on UG there's this new advert claiming to be some site 'banned in x number of countries' and 'scariest site ever' etc. anyway, i'm kind of afraid to click it and see what it is? so the question, what is it?
i think it brings you to sign up for something
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This is the biggest collection of ADD i've ever seen.
lol you click it and it just takes you to a website where its like you won a free ps3

Frenchy mentioned this.

He clicked it in hope of porn, but unfortunately...

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thank god have adblock so i dont have to deal with all that annoying crap. I havent seen a single ad on UG for like a year.
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lol ok, laugh it up guys.
but there is bad shit out there on the net..

Yea like tubgirl, lemonparty and other assortments of putrid tidbits.
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WTF?... My mind can't comprehend that...
Duke Ellington - If it sounds good, it is good.