Kinda threw this together in a couple of hours this afternoon, vocals courtesy of microsoft sam! Made the drums in acoustica beatcraft, bass and guitar by me. Hope you enjoy, really love how it turned out.

C4C, Link in sig
i thaught for a quick knock up it was alright! it wasn't as powerfull as the original, or as solid, but i thaught the vocals were great! lol.

all serious now tho it was pretty good, especially as it was done reasonably quickly.

if you wanna crit mine its on http://slouchinoutfit.dmusic.com/ as Floyd the Barber and there is a post up only i dont have the address.
I'm in love with the whole concept of using Microsoft Sam as your singer.

Not too shabby at all, pretty solid sounding.
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Yeh this guy knows his ****... just listen to him XD

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hahahah lol at poor Sam!!
The guitar sounded pretty good! Very solid..
haha yeah that was funny, but i liked it!
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