This is the first song I have ever written and I'm only 14. It is some form of Rock but I don't know which. Tell me what you think, Crit 4 Crit.
umm...im sorry but that really was not very good. i think a little theory would help. like key signatures...scales...learn what the bass is for maybe, because the solo was rather...ummm bad. sorry to be so harsh. the truth has to come out.

bu anyway since it is crit 4 crit i want you to please check out two of my songs. they're my band's songs, and for one we didnt have a drummer.

the volumes of the instruments might be messed up for midi in the song "i think im onto something" so change it until it sounds okay.

Oh and PS. Im only 14 too.


and rat on a scale right 1 to 0

I give yours a 7 because at least you tried and its a work in progress
I think Im on to something.zip
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The main riff sounds like something i'd hear in a beginning guitar book. speed it up, vary the rhythm and it'd be better.

The solo...well i suggest you take WP's advice, learn scales.