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I just purchased a Fender Strat (2006 HSS MIM) from Guitar Center on Sunday and I looked it over fairly well before leaving the store. However, I am a novice player and neglected to play every single fret. After closer inspection, I found the fifth string at fret 19 is buzzing. I have read that the string could be flat. However, If I bend the fourth or sixth string towards the fifth string on the 19th fret, they also buzz so I don't believe this to be the case. It appears the fret is slightly lower.

Before I call the store, I am wondering if I should expect them to actually replace the guitar or should it be sent to an Authorized Fender Service Center for repair?


If you just bought it, and it has issues, the store should at the very least give you a set up.

They may insist on sending it to a fender authorized luthier (If they aren't one) if it falls under the warranty.

Failing that, just return it and pick out another.
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