I need a new amp.
I'm looking for a Marshall i can use for playing thrash metal (Slayer, early Metallica, Megadeth, Arch Enemy, etc).
my limit is $800-$1000

Any sugestions?
used jcm800 or jcm 900. buy with it a maxon od 9 and ur set for thrash basically. lol
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JCM 800 and for heavier stuff use an overdrive pedal
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If you already have a cab, I'd check out a Laney GH50L.
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oh, another thing.
I'm swapping the pick ups on my Jackson RR3, what do you recomend?
(it currently has (B) Seymour Duncan JB and (N) Seymour Duncan Jazz)
for metallica and thrash stuff you might rather the Marshall. On the other hand theres the 6505/6505+ which is what Arch Enemy use to get that nice thick dark tone. i prefer the 6505 but its personal preference. Those bands have different tones compared to the other ones, especially Arch Enemy
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