so whats your take on the new windows vista operating system?

i personally dont really like it that much.
i would rather just stick with windows XP

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Apparently its full of security holes and limits the content you can view, you have to have a pretty decent pc to run it and it costs alot.

On the upside it looks pretty.
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doesnt it delete your stuff without telling you?
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My dad works for a big **** off computer corporation. He got it for free.
Looked lovely, had loads of nifty but uselles crap, and it was gone and he was back to XP within a week.
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doesnt it delete your stuff without telling you?

i dont think so...

vista has asked "Are you sure?" so many times that im considering suicide
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never buy a new version of windows on it's first release... it's never complete, and here's what happens:

-your computer probably came installed with the previous version of windows, and you need to upgrade. that's always a little different from starting fresh with the new OS

-the upgrade will probably work, but you know that PC's are PC's and a bunch of your stuff has been affected in some way that will annoy you, if not cause you trouble...

-a few weeks later, microsoft will announce that there's about 18 gaping security holes in the system, and that everyone must go to windowsupdate.com and download 18 little patches and run them and restart the computer a bunch of times

-curiously, your programs don't run any faster than they used to, windows takes longer to boot up, and your PC is always lagging because windows is either downloading and installing updates automatically, or your virus protection is clashing with the windows security features, and you in fact notice that everything is going much slower on the PC now that you upgraded.

-then a few month later, they release the new improved upgrade pack that prevents all that crap i just talked about from happening... until they find security holes in the upgrade, and it becomes apparent that the answer is a whole new version of Windows, and it all starts again.

-i haven't heard anything about vista limiting what content you can see and deleting your files without confirmaton, but it sounds like Microsoft is having a hard time making "intelligent" software that can work in as many situations as it's expected to.
Upside - DX10 (once it's fully patched and works with games in 3 years)

Downsides - No REAL new features, pretty much unchanged.
Fancy layout is the only real change along with security fixes (that should have already been patched when XP came out first time).
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