I have a Epiphone special II that has a bolt on neck and i was wondering if i could buy a telecaster bolt on neck and replace it. But i need some help to see if it will work.

1) Will the Telecaster neck fit into the epiphones neck pocket?
I measured the neck plate on the back and its 2inX2.5in if that helps.

2) Will it work with the difference in scale lengths?
I know it will probly mess up my intonation but i can fix that.

Thanks for all your help
1: you can find the spec on google, i'm sure.

2: the intonation is the only thing that will be messed up
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...the intonation is the only thing that will be messed up

well, i think having a Tele neck on a LP body would be messed up too, but maybe that's just me.
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lol To me it looks a bit goofy, but as long as the neck pocket is a good fit and screw holes are in the same place it should go together easy.
That clashes so bad. Go for a rosewood fretboard with a black headstock.

As for the measurements, the neck plate's measurements don't mean shit. Take off the neck and measure the lengths and depth of the pocket, as well as taking some pictures so we can get a look at the shape.
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