since i'm an idiot, I don't know how to put this pot in my strat pickguard.
It's a gibson long shaft pot.

now, i'm absolutely lost on how to mount this thing. i'm like 'wtf mates' because i'm just mindboggled.

any kind of help is awesome. Thanks in advance. This is going in a STRATOCASTER pickguard, remember that.

edit: changed title hahaha
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take the nut off, put the pot in the hole, and screw the nut down. you can use this to adjust the height, too.
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Alright, thank you. I've been sitting here thinking 'what the **** am I doing wrong?'
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA At first i thought you were wanting to smuggle weed in your guitar from reading the thread title.
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... k one more problem. is there a way to make it so the pot isn't sticking out from the pickguard so high? if i adjust the height with the nut then the pot will wiggle around.
um... the pot slides through the hole, and the washers don't stop the pot from moving if i lower the height of the actual knobs on the pot.
Place a bunch of washers around the shaft, then stick it through the hole. Tighten the nut now.
alright... thanks. sorry for my guitar noobish-ness. i'm new at any gear building/customizing/whatever.
buncha washers will work.

might be just as easy to get a second nut that's the same size.

put one on the shaft part-way down.

then put the shaft through the hole, and put the other nut on the outside.
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