Ok, I have an Epiphone Junior Les Paul. With 22 frets

I also have a Stratocaster that isnt in working order right now because of a string problem. It has 21 frets.

I am trying to learn the Unforgiven Solo. And it has a bunch of stuff up in the 17-22 fret area....

This is the first time I've tried solo really on my LP. Anyways, there is more than one bend on the 21st, & 22nd frets, and when I try to bend them, I can't get the leverage I need because the guitar is a single-cutaway and I cant put my thumb anywhere...

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Like where should I put my thumb? I don't have a very big hand, I'm only 13...So my hand isnt really that big...

And even if I did get my strat fixed, it wouldnt be usable for this solo, cuz it only has 21 frets. And the solo has a 1 1/2 bend on the 22... That would be one huge bend 2 from 21....if I wanted to do it on my strat. And as it is, my bends suck.

So, anyone know where to put my thumb?

Thank You
back of the neck in classical position?
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yo dude,

I got an esp ec-1000, it has a les paul shape. For that solo, my thumb is on the neck right where it tapers (widens) and attaches to teh body. sometimes it even gets rigtht into the corner on the top of the guitar. like by the strap attachment. try it out
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back of the neck in classical position?


In case you've never heard of it, you basically put the guitar on your left knew (right if you play lefty). It lets my use the 20th fret on my dreadnought acoustic, I'd be amazed if even small hands couldn't do it with a bit of practice.
Do what those guys said, I have only had one encounter with a les paul and I could bend easily, but then again i have 'piano' fingers as some people say, really long and thin ones, but yeah I had a simarlar problem with my old V sorta, its the fact the neck joing got in my way that screwed me over. . .
If you are gonna do it standing up, use that heavy ass LP weight to your advantage, sorta lay the guitar into your fingers and let gravity help you out a little. Your fingers will eventually get strong enough to do it.
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