If you have a decent valve amp, how do preamp's enhance your sound?
preamps shape your tone and boost the signal from instrument level to a level appropriate for a poweramp. Poweramps amplify the signal to drive speakers. Each adds it's own character and coloring to your tone, and you need both to have a functional amplifier. People use different preamps to have different voicing options, so it can sound like a completely different amp. You can use different combinations of preamps and poweramp, but you need both.

combo amps have a preamp, poweramp, and speakers in one unit.
heads have the preamp and poweramp in one unit.
rack units are seperate so you can mix and match.
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They just add preamp distortion. it doesnt neccesarily enhance your sound, but if you have just a power amp, then it would make a difference. your valve amp already has a preamp.
i saw a guy on youtube using a mesa boogie preamp with a 5150 head which sounded amazing (type in mesa boogie and he is first on youtube).
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Ive heard better out of just a 5150 without the mesa preamp.

new that one was coming. bear in mind its on youtube, you tube.