My Duncan Custom arrived today and I need help wiring it. I'm trying to wire it to an Ibanez GRX20, which only has 1 volume knob and 1 tone knob, and a pickup selector. The Ibanez wiring diagram on the website was no help. Im getting stuck simply because the old pickup connected to only 2 spots, the vol knob and the pickup selector, but my custom has 5 wires. So my question is, Do I tape together the black and white and red and green wires, so that I have 3 total wires then leave the fifth wire unconnected and connect the two taped wires to where they go?
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i spose ur pup is a humbucker? if so, usually u tape the black and white together and leave them like this. tape them up real good so they dont create a short or anything.
Red wire goes to the hot connection, which afaik should be the pickup selector.
Green and bare wires are both ground and are soldered to - u guessed it - the ground of ur guitar, which is usually the OUTER shell of a poti or a switch.

so just solder red to where the hot ceonnection of your old pup was and green/bare to where the ground was.

edit: you have to SOLDER black and white together so they make a connection, the way i wrote it is not very clear
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