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"Crimen Injuria"

Architechture..."Yes?" Assimilate this enfilade
with thallasic aberration.
It's stood lip locked on dry-docks-
while drowned in a drought of equivocal aplanatics and lect-liberettos.
I'll leave it hanging alive around laryngeal gaols.
The hands that built it have long ago decayed,
and the psalms that blessed it, have now since abstained.
For nothing so decadent has declared such a disease upon us since-
now even saviour has declined the impuse to intervene...
Yet on our knees we'll stand like a ruin.
Architecture...Yes, my lord?- laboured is its breathing,
its scrounging for composure at the feet of suffocation,
bring me its voices,
its mythological living lenses that only see shades,
sense one,
sense more,
see the sun setting everything in stone,
since even the skyline shall flee in the night
and the sundial in the shadow will scream;
"Oh God I must be blind."

Medic, Medic, moon down,
Starlight; "we're loosing her," Starbright;
"I concur."
Architecture...Lord, our time is up?
Your work is done,
I saw, in all senses of the word; a silhouette,
set upon by the setting sun of Thebes.
And now its disposition mapped in its benevolent genes,
have struck an antithesis nerve
and the quadruped has crumbled where it stood;
this monument of odium
is revered for its negligence,
and is immortalised as a cairn of venerate,
proclaimed: "Stonehenge."


I'm laying face-up on
a merry-go-round
that's slowly turning.
There's a light rain
that's leaving little dots
on my black shirt,
I watch in aw as it rains down.

But is this how I'm supposed to feel?
It's always darkest before dawn
but in my life the sun is gone.
How could the only thing that brightened my day
say such horrible things and just walk away.

"Then you never have to talk to me again...
see if I ****ing care...
like you ever loved me anyway...
no one wants you here..."

I remember it all so vividly.

The moon is now a dark silhouette
and my thoughts are still racing
I can't belive that I'm upset.

When I snap out of thought I'm drenched.
Yeah wtf....Everyone is in the forum, just not voting.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Whos was the piece I was up against? I really like it.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
they were both really cool (i voted for both of them in their respective polls)

buttt... i just loved red- it all leads up to the last line for me in a way that is... well... awesome

not that i didnt like orange it was clever and really good too but theres something about the first one... (sorry stratkat)
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Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me