This isnt for sure yet, but I have been looking at amps for about a month now and two that stick out are the Genz-Benz El Diablo and a Peavey 6505.

I know enough about the 6505 to where I dont need to be told all about it. I dont know all that much about the El Diablo except for the fact that from what I hear it sounds pretty dirty. And I mean that in a good way.

I play metal....its originals but if I had to categorize it (which I dont like doing) I would have to say guitar influences from Cradle of Filth, Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, and Tool just for a few.
So I wanna know:
How are the leads?
How heavy does it go?
And anything else particular about it?

OR....should I just go with the 6505?? or maybe something else $1400 or under?
The El Diablo (I played it briefly, but then I saw a Krank Rev.) can get pretty chunky. The leads, I don't really know, but it sounded great. It's a great amp, really. The cleans are WAY nicer than the 6505 too, and it looks wayyyyyyy more badass on stage than a 6505.
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WE ALL KNOW, you just want it cus it says "el Diablo" on it , and frankly 6505 isnt a very "metal" sounding name, kinda reminds me of that damn song.. 867-5309.. yeh, thats super "el Gayo" but I say peavy..

hah but **** MAN what do i know.
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I've heard the el diablo and it sounds really thick, you can get alot of gain on it.

The leads are pretty clear and sound really well rounded as well.