Well after months of troubles, my current amp, the vox ad50vt, has finally crapped out on me, offering nothing but loud popping and fuzz when turned on. If anyone has any ideas what might be wrong I'm open to hearing them, however, I have decided that its about time for a new amp.

Recently I stumbled upon this
amp, the Epiphone Blues Custom. It seems like a pretty good deal, 30 watts all tube for $500. I'm gonna go out sometime this week and see if I can try it first-hand to see if its to my liking, but I would like to know if anyone has any personal experience with this amp that they would be willing to share.

I'm also open to suggestions for other amps, preferably a small tube combo or something similar. The music I play is classic rock/blues and alternative (Red Hot Chili Peppers) I'm gonna say my budget is around the $500-600 mark, if I'm really lucky and get some help for paying for it.
fender blues junior with an od? not sure how much that is in american..
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Well thanks for the replies, and I'm still open to other suggestions or feedback on the Epiphone.