If it was 90bucks, it aint that bad. I mean, its not the best guitar but its worth it for 90bucks,
You didn't get ripped off.

You payed exactly what it's worth.

Which isn't much...

Have you never played before/is this your first guitar?

My suggestion would be to return it and save up a tad more, my friend has one of those and it is very difficult to play.
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If you JUST started playing, then yes, its an ok guitar. If you've been playing for more than like 4 months, then no. It's actually a crappy guitar.
It's a beginner guitar so if you are just starting to play then it should be fine.
i got one of these as my first guitar many a year ago, turns out it goes alright, it's nothing fantastic but what do you expect for the price, i kept mine for a grand total of 3 months before i decided i needed a more playable guitar, this one is just a little bit chunky for my liking...
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Yea im just a beginnger, i've been playing accoustic for months now, and I'm about to start practicing in a band so I decided on this guitar because the reviews said the amp was awesome.

I've played friends electrics before, some of them have bad amps, and I couldn't stand it.

Not to mention it has the little tremolo thing

But yea prolly in 1-3 months I'll buy a new one but IDK maybe I'll actually like it a whole bunch.
Is it just me or is it actually quite a sexy looking guitar?

But well, you get what you pay for.
As long it can stay in tune with high bendings, doesn't have too much fretbuzz and a decent action, i'll be ok for the price.
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IMHO, Behringers have the worst quality I have ever seen. I dunno, maybe I just got some bad ones, but I hate them.

For the price it's good, but I would REALLY recommend a Fat Strat starter pack or even a Yamaha EG112 or something.
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