I've decided to wait til my birthday for a Laney amp cos I just cant afford it at the moment so i was thinking, sell my sack of crap marshall easily for £150-£200 (the amount of "It says marshall its good" people there are in my town is unbelievable ) then I'm planning on buying myself an Epiphone Valve Jr head and a decent enough cab (one of the smaller ones, a bigger on would get loud ) i may have to save up a lil' extra for the cab though.

Anyway I was also thinking of making my sound with a rackmount EQ (carvin, i found a decent one) and pedals and stuff, the main one i was looking at for now is the Bodd Fender bassman pedal and buying others as well as using my current ones.

Is this a good idea? (obviously all the stuff isnt funded form just selling the amp BTW)
If not what do you suggest?
If so what other pedals do you think i would need?

The music i play ranges widely. I play Stevie Ray Vaughan style blues, along with Rory Gallagher style, I also play Steve Vai and Joe Satriani style stuff along with metal like Black Sabbath, also some prog rock like PInk Floyd and Dream Theater.
My song writing (well less song writing, more improvising) is based more on a modern look at blues (like combining Steve Vai and Blues)
well I'd prefer a more reliable rackmount EQ (i just want it for the EQ nothing else) than a floor based smaller one cos i dont think an EQ belongs on the floor unless you have a main one already and you just want to adjust it.