I was wonder, i have played for a couple months and i cant find the ability to solo at a pace that sounds good. I was wondering how long it took for you i have taken lessons every week and i can do scales, Chords, and a lot of riffs from songs but i have a few solos printed out (stairway, Back in black etc) and i got them from easy solos for beginners and i would like to how long it took for you

Its really driving me insaneand are there certain skills

^This post was probably sarcastic


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Pfft, no theory for me, I practised impovising for like a year(i have been playing for 2 years now) and now i am good at it. It all depends on what music you like. I prefer metal so i mostly do tremelo picking up and down the neck, gigantic bends, pull offs up and down the neck, and sweep picking. Those are the skills i practice. And to get ideas and such listen to some of your favorite solos, and steal a lick or two and try to make it better.
Well, I've been playing bass for about a year now, and I have to say: I find soloing quite natural.

I never really tried until I just went off on one, one night.
I start off with a couple of notes from a scale, or something similar, and just run off on it. Usually, I play that, progress a few frets up, play another similar to a scale run, come back down, and finish with a bend.

That's just me.
well just cuz u know theory and are taking lessons doesn't mean ur instantly going to be able to solo, soloing takes a lot of practicing, applying theory ( if you have knowledge of any), licks from ur fav guitarsits or solos and putting ur own spin to it, making ur own style, it takes a lot of practice unless ur just naturally talented, but even then it takes practice, it took me a good five to six months i think, idk
well, i never took lessons and ive been playing for six months, but really, for soloing, it doesnt matter how fast you play or stuff, just if you think it sounds good.
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