My friend gave me some music files of his(recorded songs) and wants me to take a listen...But for some reason they're in ".m4a" format, and not anything I can use like ".mp3".

So, I already tried manually turning it into a ".mp3" format, no such luck. Then, I downloaded a program that should have been able to convert it, but it just freezes up when I try to switch it. These files aren't virus', but they won't work.

Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to make them work?
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According to the crap on the internet that I found, m4a files are associated with iTunes... so I guess a possible solution would be to download that and try to use that to play it? Otherwise, tell your friend to encode/save the files in mp3 format and re-send it to you.
You can convert them in Itunes by right clicking and pressing "convert to mp3."

If you don't have itunes, get him to convert them and then send them to you again.
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I have this program called Switch that can convert files but it won't work if they have copyright protection on them.
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And, yeah, I know nothing about computers. Good luck!