It's a little more produced than most of my songs, which are done with just acoustic guitar. This one features acoustic guitar drums(fake) that sound terrible but what can i do and electric guitar.

So just let me know what you think of it, how it could be better what i need to work on and anything else.

Thanks a lot and I'll try to crit yours if you want me to.


Song is called "The Way That He Lives".
prety cool, i liked it . i think the vocals kinda fit it they could mebbe be a LITTLE stronger, but not too much, it actually really fits
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i love that line.

this is actually really, really good. i kinda get a really elliot smith/ben kweller feeling from this song. i actually love the crappiness of the drums.... i dont know why. one thing that i think will help this song is if you boost up the background guitar a little bit. also, chris at grace is right about the vocals, but i think that they should just be boosted all around.

you have very original songs, and i'm not going to lie, i actually think that its some of the more original song writing i have heard just cruising around on this site. I know that doesnt really mean much, seeing as i JUST joined, but cmon, i listen to LOTS of music.

good job dude, really.
OMG.....i just discovered my voice !
I tried to sing your song in your tone and i discovered that i can sing.
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Thanks everyone for the feedback and advice.

Lol samerika, i'm glad i could help you find your voice??
Yeah. I think this is pretty cool. The vocals are a little whiny, but this is probably what you want in this kind of music. It's kind of like smashing pumpkins/nirvana more acousticized. I think it is a cool song, though. The main guitar is a little bassy, and the snare drum is also, but with a little EQ this could sound a lot better. It's a very good song, though. Just try EQing those two things and it will sound even better. Thanks. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091